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We introduce ourselves as a BRUSH MANUFACTURER of all sorts since Karnavati Brush Mfg. Co. in CIRCULAR, ROLLERS, DISC, FLAT, STRIPS - in many shapes. Also in Synthetic monofilament like NYLON, POLYPROPELENE, IMPORTED MEXICAN FIBRE, NATURAL HAIR BRISTLES, in METAL WIRE also.

In your Industry, we are regularly manufacturing and supplying Circular Brushes in Nylon Monofilament shown here under manufacturing for shown BRUSHES in very HUGE Quantity Durable and for that case in Reasonable Price with SUPERIOR Quality. We also undertake REFILLING Job for same Brushes since Karnavati Brush Mfg. Co.. Yourside all Industrial Products Manufacturers are using our Brushes.

Shaileshbhai Vora is a manufacturing Brushes since Karnavati Brush Mfg. Co. & his Elder Brothers are in line as a Importer & suppliers of Nylon, Monofilaments & Improrter Fibre since 1952 & in the guidance of their Mr. Vora has starter to manufacturing All types of Brushes & also Attended commerce college. Now a Rupesh Vora son of Shailesh Vora is a Commerce Graduate & is Keeping manufacturing since 1991. He also very young Energeting intelligence & Hard working in manufacturing. Himself Rupeshbhai is handling and operating Brush Filing machine & as well all machinery in workshop with many idea & Diversification in manufacturing.

We Manufacture Brushes Based on your

  • Specifications
  • Technical Drawing
  • Worn out sample
  • Discussions

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